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  1. u2, new years day, 1983
  2. the kingsmen, the jolly green giant, 1965
  3. al caiola and his orchestra, the magnificent seven, 1961
  4. the t-bones, no matter what shape, 1965
  5. the kingsmen, money, 1964
  6. the new colony six, can't you see me cry, 1968
  7. james and bobby purify, help yourself to all of my lovin, 1968
  8. the dillards, listen to the sound, 1968, uncharted, from their album weatstraw suite
  9. petula clark, you're the one, 1965, original version
  10. the moody blues, dear diary, 1969
  11. freddy scott, hey girl, 1963
  12. the electric indian, keem o sabe, 1969
  13. the clique, sugar on Sunday, 1969
  14. curtis mayfield and the impressions, choice of colors, 1969
  15. stevie wonder, happy birthday, 1981, for martin luther king day
  16. bill deal and the rhondels, nothing succeeds like success, 1970
  17. the edwin hawkins singers, oh happy day, 1969
  18. melanie with the edwin hawkins singers, lay down candles in the rain, 1970
  19. bill deal and the rhondels, its too late, 1972
  20. denise lasalle, trapped by a thing called love, 1971
  21. soul generation, that's the way it's got to be body and soul, 1972
  22. the miracles, we've come too far to end it now, 1972
  23. the beautiful zion choir, I'll make it all right, 1973
  24. mark james, suspicious minds, 1968, original version
  25. little richard, freedom blues, 1970
  26. bobby wood, break my mind, 1968
  27. hugh masakela, grazing in the grass, 1968
  28. hugh masekela, puffin' on down the track, 1968
  29. hugh masekela, riot, 1969
  30. chyvonne scott, I'm moving on, 1963
  31. doris troy, please little angel, 1964
  32. sam and dave, you don't know like I know, 1966
  33. the bill black combo, skokian, 1963
  34. leroy van dyke, chicken shack boogie, 1957
  35. buddy holly, holly hop, 1993, from the buddy holly collection
  36. the zanies, frustration, 1962
  37. buzz clifford, it's all right let her go, 1966
  38. dolly parton, puppy love, 1959
  39. dolly parton, girl left alone, 1959
  40. the temptations, love can be anything (can't nothing be love but love), 1970, from the 1970 album, the sky's the limit
  41. the raindrops, that boy john, 1964
  42. johnny carroll, trudy, 1960
  43. the raindrops, one more tear, 1964
  44. the chipmunks sing the beatles hits, all my loving, 1964
  45. gwen mccrae, rockin' chair, 1975
  46. the contrasts, what a day, 1968
  47. buzz clifford, (baby I could be) so good at loving you, (1969)
  48. 10cc, rubber bullets, 1973
  49. dionne warwick, do you believe in love at first sight, 1977
  50. dionne warwicke and jeffrey osborne, love power, 1987
  51. vic damone, you were only fooling while I was falling in love, 1965
  52. the crystals, uptown, 1962
  53. lee michaels, highty high, 1969
  54. the crystals, little boy, 1964
  55. della humphrey, don't make the good girls go bad, 1968
  56. the impressions, woman's got soul, 1965
  57. mashmakhan, as the years go by, 1970
  58. dinah washington, destination moon, 1962
  59. steely dan, babylon sisters, 1981
  60. the blackwells, love or money, 1961
  61. george mccurn, I'm just a country boy, 1963
  62. willie mitchell, soul serenade, 1968
  63. cat mother and the all night news boys, good old rock and roll, 1969
  64. donovan, riki tiki tavi, 1970
  65. jimmy lewis, it ain't what's on the woman, 1974
  66. harpers bizarre, chattanooga choo choo, 1967
  67. ike and tina turner, good bye, so long, 1965
  68. johnny lee, lookin' for love in all the wrong places, 1980
  69. the crystals, there's no other (like my baby), 1962
  70. brook benton and dinah washington, a rockin' good way, 1960
  71. brook benton, endlessly, 1959
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Then go here Well, there's a few hours of streaming oldies, and, if any of the links are broken please contact me by word of mouth, as I have taken all the email links off the site due to increasing spam. Thanks for reading the page, and enjoy the oldies.